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Sharing our Gratitude

If you've taken a class with us, you know how important gratitude is to us.

We are always talking about the neurochemical benefits of a regular gratitude practice. So we love it when our national day of gratitude comes around. This year we thought we would do a little different. We asked our staff and trainers to share their gratitude, personal and professional, with you so you can get to know us a little better. Here is what we collected; I love how each person's style shows in their list.

Thea Harvey-Barratt, Co-founder, Training Director

I’m grateful for:

  • Our growing company and the AWESOME people I get to work with

  • The chance to be of service and make a difference in people’s lives

  • The delicious smell of our woods in the fall

  • Puppy kisses

  • Technology that brings people together

Nanette Fortneberry, Office Manager, Kindergarten Readiness project


  • Today I have real connections with my family and friends. Acceptance and respect is a mutual part of the relationship we have with one another.

  • I've learned to have an attitude of gratitude. I begin each day with prayer and meditation. Connecting with God each morning allows me to accept life on life's terms.

  • God gifted me with a love of learning and a passion for educating others.

  • I work for a company that encourages open mindedness and inspires me to challenge myself to learn new skills. My bosses are great at being flexible but firm with goal setting.

  • I know that God is watching over my only son who is currently serving the United States Navy.

Tere Lozano, Trainer, Project Manager

  • I am thankful for this job because it allows me to learn new things.

  • Being part of HPG gives me the freedom to propose new and creative ideas to the team.

  • I am grateful for the leaders of this company because they make me feel respected and appreciated.

  • I am fully aware that the leaders of HPG recognize the talents of each individual they encounter.

  • I praise the leaders of HPG who honor the growth processes of each teaching flexibility and adaptability when experiencing new situations.

Greg Smith, Trainer, Project Development

  • Many organizations treat clients as a commodity. Holistic Performance Group, Ryan and Thea, have built an organization that values the relationships with clients, staff and anyone associated with the organization. As a member of the team, I are grateful that we have their support and the confidence in us.

  • I am grateful that we deliver a product that is crafted to solve the clients problems. We actually can make a difference.

  • I am grateful for the massive work that goes on behind the scenes by two superb professionals who complement each other so well.

  • I am grateful that we are digging out of the crisis that has been plaguing out world.

  • I am grateful for the changing of the seasons.

Dr. Ryan Cate Gibson, Co-founder, CEO

  • I am grateful for the chance to be present in this here and now and smell, yes to be able to smell post-covid, the Fall season and all the wonderful scents associated with it, pine limbs, falling leaves, sweet rain and home fires burning.

  • I am grateful for a company that makes it possible for me to practice what I preach, live what I believe, and continue to grow as an entrepreneur, civic leader and employee.

  • I have immense gratitude for my fellow wanderers on this path to economic stability, broadening opportunities and rapidly changing work environments; who knew I would get to live in Star Trek world with all these amazing advancements?!

  • I am grateful for my sweet co-workers who continue to open doors for greater awareness and acceptance in our work.

And, of course, we are grateful that you're part of the HPG family, too!

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