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Flawless Delivery

The hospitality industry finds itself in a different work environment than ever before.  The challenges left from the pandemic have impacted all levels of the hospitality workforce. Hotels and other attractions are finding it very difficult to attract and retain good workers.  IF the employees can be found, turnover is still very high. Because properties are so short-handed, new employees are often getting only a single day of training before being sent on the floor.  General managers are cleaning rooms while brand new employees try to handle incoming guests. Originally developed with mentorship and guidance from Tami Riest and AMLA, the Flawless Delivery Hospitality Certification program provides a foundation for customer service that increases employees' sense of self-worth and their value to the company. 

Flawless Customer Service

This unique training brings each cohort as guests to a hotel property, giving them the opportunity to see their jobs from the customers'' perspective. Starting with a strong foundation of empathy, communication, and engagement to highlight the quality of service needed to retain guests in this competitive atmosphere.  Using gamification, small group projects, role play, and lecture, the training encourages development of social capital and team wide investment. 

Training is rounded out with guest speakers including local community leaders to emphasize the importance of these workers not just for the industry but for the state as a whole; and career hospitality workers to tell their story of entry into and advancement through the industry. 

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