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The Neuroscience of Stress and Stress Relief

HPG teaches neuroscience-based skills and techniques to help you weather anything life throws at you, so you can thrive in any environment. Below are some articles with more information on the relationship between our brains, bodies, and minds. 

Neuroscience for Stress Management 

Almost everyone has experienced common symptoms of stress, such as a raised heart rate, excessive sweating and a dry mouth. But not everyone appreciates that these are part of the body's ‘fight or flight response’ – a system that has evolved to maximize our body's capacity to respond to actual physical danger (Cacioppo, Tassinary, & Berntson, 2000). We now know that, in addition to these bodily changes, stress also associates with other, more subtle mental changes – it influences, for example, how we decide what to pay attention to in our environment (Arnsten, 2009)

The Neuroscience Foundation has lots of great article on their blog, explaining the connections between brain chemistry and every day occurances.  For instance, this article explains some of the neuroscience behind mental health, and this one talks about using neuroscience to build healthier habits

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