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The Four Rules of Confrontation

“I am sooo tired of walking on eggshells!”

“If they EVER come in, I am going to give them a piece of my mind.”

“Ohh, I wonder if I can change the subject to the game, I just CAN’T talk about this.”


Any of these statements sound familiar? Dealing with confrontation and how to communicate differences of opinion can be challenging to say the least. Nearly 2 in 3 adults (65%) say the current amount of uncertainty in our nation coupled with rapid lifestyle changes causes them stress. Dealing with challenging people and trying to communicate can induce fear of being criticized themselves, offending, fear of being wrong, fear of failing, or making a mistake are all things that hinder our ability to confront challenges successfully. Transform your old patterns of communicating and align your thoughts, non-verbal and verbal language to achieve an assertive style of expressing yourself that honors your stance and the stance of others.


Dr. Ryan Cate Gibson and Thea Harvey- Barratt have adapted, developed and tested The Four Rules of Confrontation for 30 years and distilled them in book form, alongside poignant and pointed stories highlighting their values from clients and friends.

  • Want to express yourself effectively in challenging situations?

  • Want to have deeper, stronger and more trusting relationships?

  • Want to have a clear and simple method of confrontation that can be used in most situations?


This simple, straightforward method of conflict resolution will help you transform your communication style to be able to assertively express your own point of view while remaining open to the thoughts and feelings of others. This workbook offers a strategic plan to approach that transformation by investigating your own practices using journal prompts, role plays, and reflections on family, work and community interactions.   

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