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Becoming Ready

August brings with it a bittersweet feeling. In some ways, summer is really just getting

started - hello temperatures in the 90s! On the other hand, people are thinking about back-to-school and maybe back to work after vacation time. We thought this month we would focus on Readiness, on the ways that we stand in the way of our own forward movement, and all of the little practices what we use to make ourselves ready for whatever the future brings.

Becoming ready for whatever Life brings can be exciting, and at the same time it can be quite challenging. There is a part of the human brain whose job is to try to make things as easy as possible because it saves bandwidth and energy. And sometimes that part of our brains really doesn't want to add new ideas or situations. It can often create some pretty hefty resistance to anything new. So, when we are contemplating taking on anything that is not already in our engrained patterns, we may have to be deliberately conscious of our reactions, and specifically overcome them.

Resistance to change can come in many different colors and flavors. It can feel like: I don't want to give up the old way, it's been so comfortable for so long... Or, Gosh! I'm suddenly so busy, I don't have any time to do the things that need to be done to make this new thing happen... Or, Wow! I've never noticed how messy my office is - I really need to get it super clean before I can do anything else...Or... Let us know in the comments what's your favorite delaying tactic :-)

Once we identify that we are avoiding some future, we can begin to take steps to prepare for it. We can take concrete actions - what tools do we need to assemble? What skills do we need to learn? Having these ducks in a row can make us feel much more confident about moving into a new arena. And I am very grateful for all of the resources that are available to help me prepare for just about anything.

Then there is the emotional component of readiness. For me, when I have identified that I have a lot of fear or trepidation, I have to kick in my resilience techniques and Small Powerful Practices. One of the things that keeps me going in challenging times is remembering that I'm not alone. Daily meditation and prayer help me feel connected to Something larger than myself from which I can draw courage and strength. Breathing exercises help keep my body, mind, and attitudes flexible. And sometimes, I just need to sit with something a little longer, to allow all of me to catch up with the part that wants to forge fulll speed ahead.

Becoming emotionally ready for a new phase of life can be as important as building tools and skills. And then, just to make life more complicated, sometimes being not quite ready becomes an excuse in and of itself. Sometimes we just have to have the faith to step out into the unknown without having all the ducks lined up, without the perfect website, or the perfect set of skills. Since I've learned to listen for it, I often hear that small voice from within telling me when the time is right to just go for it. Life is always changing. I am always learning. I trust myself, my support network, and the Universe to bring me what I need along the way.

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