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We bring a broad range of content- and skill-based training and coaching for many areas of the organization. We can customize our offerings to your needs, as well as develop curriculum based on your proprietary content.

One of the things that sets us apart is our focus on tailoring each presentation to your company's needs and goals.  We work primarily in person, face to face so that we can engage each participant personally.  Our approach is highly collaborative, creating clarity and alignment throughout all project phases: goal setting, needs analysis, defining requirements, program design, knowledge transfer, developing learning support tools, and post-delivery assessment and support.

HPG’s multilingual staff has decades of experience in the government, corporate, and non-profit sectors in the US and abroad. This global experience allows us to shape our innovative solutions to meet our client’s unique needs. Our network of contacts across the Middle East, Europe and the US has produced long-term collaborations reflective of our dedication to building fruitful international and local relationships. 


We have over 100 courses that can be delivered as short introductory hours, or more in-depth full days. We can also develop a customized course for your needs. 

This is a sample of some of our most popular classes.


  • The Four Rules of Confrontation

  • Interpersonal Communication and Collaboration

  • Panic-Free Presentations

  • Words Matter: Affirmative Language, Intercultural Communication, and Diversity

21st Century Leadership

  • The Difference between Managing and Leading in the 21st Century

  • Managing Remote/Hybrid Teams

  • Cross-Generational Leadership Practice

  • Frontline Leadership Training

Resilience and Retention

  • Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience Program (Levels I and II)

  • Mindfulness

  • Small Powerful Practices

  • Workplace Bullying

  • Gender Communication

  • Inter-generational Communication

Compliance and Professional Development

  • Ethics

  • Diversity

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Civility

David Perez, CEO of Phoenix discusses how HPG has helped with their training goals.

David Perez, CEO of Phoenix discusses how HPG has helped with their training goals.

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