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Freedom from Self Imposed Limitations

(Originally published in July 2014) Many times in my life I have felt as if my back was against a wall and I was trapped either physically , emotionally, mentally or spiritually. During those times it became ever more difficult to recognize that the solution was in my grasp. In order to recognize my freedom to act I have to first acknowledge my complicity in being "trapped". The point at which I do that is the point at which I begin to break free of the bonds that are tying me down. Whether it is a mind set of "I am too overwhelmed with work" or a physical condition, "my ____ stops me from ___ " or an emotional response, "Anxiety makes it impossible to ___" , the solution lies in my perceptions. My perception forms my reality. There are so many tools available for me to find new and healthier ways of coping with life's challenges.

Freedom is a word that has so many connotations and so much influence on our cultural identity that I sometimes forget the very personal application of the concept. Freedom is reflected in my ability to reassess, reapply and reintegrate perceptions,concepts, and behaviors that influence my daily life and thus my long term goals and outcomes. Seeking to be more conscious and aware of where and when I am helps me to remain mindful of the amazing freedom I have to continue to grow and change throughout my lifetime.

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