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Stackable Leadership Credentials


This series of workforce development courses will move frontline, mid-level, and upper management towards becoming true leaders in their companies and their communities. Participants will progress through the series; from the Fundamentals of Frontline Leadership, to Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and Resilience Levels I and II for mid-level managers, and for some, on to Adapt, Respond, Position, and Lead at the top level. 

While many supervisors are skilled in their trades, they do not necessarily have extensive leadership training. The labor shortages of the pandemic have made training, engagement, and retention even more challenging. If employees are found, it is difficult to keep them. There is very little time for training as new hires, and the newly promoted must hit the ground running. This program is designed to increase awareness of continuous improvement practices, interpersonal communication and leadership skills, as well as give participants stress reduction strategies allowing them to maintain resilience in the face of workplace challenges. These skills increase ability to lead direct reports, and to build and sustain relationships with all stakeholders.  Giving them this training will not only reduce turnover among staff who work under them, but will also help the companies with retention of the supervisors themselves.

Our coaches provide real-life leadership, compliance, and workplace confrontation training valuable for leaders at all levels.

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