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Day 4327 of the COVID 19 Societal Crisis

So day ???? of the COVID 19 Societal Crisis----

Does this look about right? You have been diligently observing the public safety guidelines, not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary, wearing your PPE and making sure you are 6 ft away from anyone not in your own home/space. HOWEVER- getting 6 ft away from your loved ones/housemates/fellow castaways is almost impossible at this stage.

Are you using your stress relief tools? Remembering that the great outdoors is your safe space? Breathing in Calm and Breathing out Anxiety? Admitting your feelings in a respectful and compassionate way? Reaching out to your network to express yourself?

Remember you are not abnormal for feeling challenged by our current social condition. What we are experiencing is palpable and anxiety inducing even for the most well adjusted among us. You are not Superperson! You are someone who is making the best out of a difficult circumstance. Try to be gentle with yourself and those around you. Be honest about your emotional condition and reach out to get the support you need.

HPG is here to help with individual and group coaching if you need a kickstart in getting out of the Covid lock down rut.

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