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Be Here Now

I need to, I must, I should, Did I ... , Did you ..., I ought, If only………

Nice deep breath. Lean back in your chair, on your couch, atop your bed and take a few minutes just to breathe.

As you breathe, listen to the environment around you. What do you hear? Note it and let it go.

What do you smell, acknowledge it and breathe it in.

Breathe in through your nose and exhale fully through your mouth.

Pay attention to your breath flowing into your lungs and oxygenating your blood. How does your body feel? Do you need to breathe into that knot in your shoulders, releasing the stress stored there?

Take two relaxing breaths filling up your lungs and slowly and gently exhaling that stored stress.

By taking just a few minutes to reset you are switching from your sympathetic nervous response of Flight, Fight or Freeze (Deadlines, Honey Do’s and Family Obligations) to Rest and Recovery (Increased thinking capacity by oxygenating your blood and relaxing stressed muscles to be able to better handle what is on your plate today).

These few minutes of mindfulness increase your resilience and help make it possible to be more present throughout your day. Be Here Now.

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